The future of Contesting? (WW-Digi Update)

Wow! This is something completely new in contesting! I see a lot of potential for the World Wide Digi DX Contest to lead development of the future of contesting. With the fast pace of development in digital modes and the rise of live scoring, radiosport has the potential to be attractive as an e-sport to young hams. This can certainly help revitalise ham radio!

This was meant to be a contest effort update, so let’s dive in; Read more ›

DD1MAT Sets SM Record from SE0X in WPX

Award CQ WPX SSB 2019

Congratulations Niko, DD1MAT, to the new SM record secured in CQ WPX earlier this year! Niko was determined to post the highest ever achieved score in Sweden on 80 meter. Being well prepared and operating SE0X with precision, Niko achieved this goal and the whole SE0X team congratulates him on a well executed contest effort and a well deserved award.

DD1MAT Guest Op in WPX SSB

Nick DD1MAT will guest operate SE0X in CQWPX SSB this year. Niko will be entering the contest in Single Operator High Power Single Band 80 meter category.

Preparations has been ongoing for more than a week and everything is ready for the fun filled prefix hunt this weekend.

GL and look for SE0X on 80 meter!

Nordic Skimmer Analysis

Total spots reported by Skimmers

The SE0X Skimmer has a temporary replacement antenna, a PA0RDT Mini Whip. Results are impressive considering its simplicity and tiny physical shape. There is a separate story on this simple antenna here. This post is focused on the analysis of Reverse Beacon Network spots to evaluate the antennas performance.

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Max Power for SM Hams Lowered to 200W!


As of Today, November 1st 2018, the maximum power allowed for Swedish amateur radio operators have been lowered to a maximum of 200 watt PEP. This is a change in regulations by the Swedish PTS, Post and Telecommunication authority. The reason given is that it is done to harmonise with the new spectrum plan. There have been no reports of interference relating to amateur radio activity reported to PTS. Read more ›