SAC Contest Wrap Up

SAC, Scandinavian Activity Contest, is the yearly contest when Scandinavian hams are in the center of the contest community’s attention. For many operators, especially of smaller stations, this is the contest where they get a chance to run more that search and pounce for points. Here is a quick update on the SAC contest efforts.

Nice Surprise in the Mail

This morning a nice surprise appeared in the mail. It seems like I had the highest combined CW + SSB score in SOAB HP Unassisted in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC). Not an official category, but very nice plack för the wall. Thanks to the sponsor SM3EVR Tord Julander!

SAC SSB and Change of Plans

SAC SSB is over for this time and it was a fun and memorable experience. Not because of record scores or mega-runs, but because a thick (and hopefully colorful) Aurora Borealis effectively killed most propagation paths over the pole. After accepting this fact, I decided to drop all ambitions to hit records and readjust to

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SE0X in SAC CW Contest September 15-16!

SE0X will kick off the fall contest season by going all out in the upcoming SAC CW contest this weekend September 15-16. SM0MDG is operating in the Single Operator, All Band Category, High Power. SE0X will of course also be active in the SAC SSB Contest October 13-14. More information and full rules for the

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Happy New Year!

Once again its time to pop the cork of a bottle of chilled Dom Pérignon and celebrate another fun year at SEØX, and what a year it’s been! 2011 was the year when the sun finally got back into the game and once again fuelling fantastic propagation paths on high bands. For me 2011 started

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SE0X #3 SM in SAC CW Contest

SE0X ranks #3 single operator in the CW part of the Scandinavian Activity Contest 2011 as the final scores are published today. SM0MDG operated in the SOHP category using SO2R, Single Operator 2 Radios. The total rank of SE0X in the SOHP category in Scandinavia is #17 and the final score is 663.480 points and

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Chase SEØX in SAC SSB this weekend

Chase SEØX on all bands, 10 meter to 80 meter, in the Scandinavia Activity Contest. SMØMDG will operate in the SOHP-AB category. The outlook for action on 10 meter is very good with propagation to JA, ZL, VK and many other AS and OC countries possible in the morning and SA and NA in the

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SE0X active in SAC CW this weekend

SM0MDG will be active from SE0X in the SAC CW contest this weekend September 17-18 competing in the SOAB-HP category. SAC is the contest where Scandinavian stations will try to work as many non-Scandinavian stations as possible and vice versa. The goal is set to improve the rank and score from last year and this should

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SAC SSB Summary

Propagation in the SSB portion of the SAC 2010 Contest were weaker than in the CW portion two weeks earlier and it is reflected in the lower number of contacts, especially in 10 meter where only 4 contacts where made. Despite the slow propagation the final score was an improvement compared to the SAC SSB

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