SMØMDG Björn will be active in the CQWW SSB Contest this weekend from CQ3L together with DJ6QT Walter and DJ6KS Knut. We will enter in Multi-Op Single-Station and DJ8OG Matthias will use the other station CR3L in a Single-Op effort. 73 and GL in the Contest!

SAC SSB Summary

Propagation in the SSB portion of the SAC 2010 Contest were weaker than in the CW portion two weeks earlier and it is reflected in the lower number of contacts, especially in 10 meter where only 4 contacts where made. Despite the slow propagation the final score was an improvement compared to the SAC SSB

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SM0MDG Reverse Beacon on 160m

Follow the SM0MDG CW Skimmer monitoring the 160 meter band 24/7 on the Reverse Beacon Network. The beacon is using a SDR-IQ receiver using a Clifton Laboratories Z1501 active antenna with a 3 meter whip and will show you the Callsign, frequency, CW speed and signal to noise ratio (S/N) for signals received. Links: Filtered

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