CQWW SSB 2021 – The 11 Months Cycle

Talk aobout getting lucky with the sun! CQWW CW in 2020 was fun due to the first bigger solar flux peak in quite some time. Now, 11 months later another peak with almost the same magnitude strikes right on cue for CQWW SSB. An this spike really provided some high band action. Come on, read my notes about CQWW SSB now! Read more ›

Axtorp 160/80 Vertical with Baltic Sea Ground

Axtorp 160/80 VerticalAfter years of using home-brew verticals for Topband it was time for change. In preparation for the contest season 2018-2019 I installed a new vertical for 80 and 160 meter, the commercially produced “Axtorp”. This is a linear loaded vertical from Lannabo Radio, the HF antenna specialist on the Swedish west coast. It stretches 18 meter in physical height, but linear loading makes it electrically longer, almost a 1/2 wave on 80 meter. Having very limited space for radials on ground, I decided to use the Baltic Sea water as ground. Did it work? Keep reading to find out. Read more ›

CQWW CW 2020 Update

Great fun, but not a full-time effort this year in CQWW CW. You might really wonder why… and I do too! Considering this was the contest where the sun woke up after its long over due sleep I should have been on for 48 hours! But other things got in the way and I early on decided to make this a 24-hour effort. Read more ›

Corona Safe Multi-Op contesting in CQ WPX!

Because of the ongoing pandemic updates to the SE0X blog has been put on hold, but here is an update! We were keeping more busy than ever with work, but also decided to hit the airwaves in CQ WPX while maintaining social distancing. It was a bit of an experiment that turned out well and will be taken further in future contests. Continue reading to learn more about this fun effort. Read more ›

SAC Contest Wrap Up

SAC, Scandinavian Activity Contest, is the yearly contest when Scandinavian hams are in the center of the contest community’s attention. For many operators, especially of smaller stations, this is the contest where they get a chance to run more that search and pounce for points. Here is a quick update on the SAC contest efforts. Read more ›

144 MHz Added @ SE0X

With the rise of FT8 I was getting curious to explore VHF propagation. Last summer I installed a 144 MHz transverter from HA1YA and a Big Wheel omni directional horizontal antenna. It turned out pretty well, but why stop at dipping your feet. What did I do next to improve performance on 144 MHz? 🙂 Read more ›

The future of Contesting? (WW-Digi Update)

Wow! This is something completely new in contesting! I see a lot of potential for the World Wide Digi DX Contest to lead development of the future of contesting. With the fast pace of development in digital modes and the rise of live scoring, radiosport has the potential to be attractive as an e-sport to young hams. This can certainly help revitalise ham radio!

This was meant to be a contest effort update, so let’s dive in; Read more ›

DD1MAT Sets SM Record from SE0X in WPX

Award CQ WPX SSB 2019

Congratulations Niko, DD1MAT, to the new SM record secured in CQ WPX earlier this year! Niko was determined to post the highest ever achieved score in Sweden on 80 meter. Being well prepared and operating SE0X with precision, Niko achieved this goal and the whole SE0X team congratulates him on a well executed contest effort and a well deserved award.