Corona Safe Multi-Op contesting in CQ WPX!

Because of the ongoing pandemic updates to the SE0X blog has been put on hold, but here is an update! We were keeping more busy than ever with work, but also decided to hit the airwaves in CQ WPX while maintaining social distancing. It was a bit of an experiment that turned out well and will be taken further in future contests. Continue reading to learn more about this fun effort.

There is a tradition of putting SE0X on the air in a multi-operator category in CQ WPX SSB. This tradition started 10 years ago when the first multi-operator team mounted a successful multi-one effort as 7S0X. Quite soon the call was changed to SE0X and international team members started to participate. DD1MAT, F4BKV, TF3ZA and W1UE are among those international team members who operated from SE0X. Even multi-two efforts where made over the years and in 2013 SE0X broke the M2 SM record that until today has been unchallenged.

Another milestone was achieved in the 2020 WPX SSB contest; for the first time ever SE0X was awarded a plaque as the runner-up in the EU SO-HP category after working its way to #2 EU and #4 World. Of course it helped that most big multi operation where cancelled making the playing field more level for smaller stations like SE0X.

Covid-19 exploded in EU around the time of CQWPX. Our small team practiced social distancing as we participated via remote. Team members were using remote client software controlling the SunSDR2 PRO transceiver via internet from our homes. Full real-time spectrum and waterfall display plus rig control was made possible via the client software. Antenna selection and amplifier control fully automatic following tuned frequency. Logging done via remote desktop and virtual serial ports connecting the remote client CAT to the station band decoders via internet. A bit of an experiment that turned out well and will be taken further in future contests.

AMP: SPE 1.3k-FA
ANT: SteppIR, 15m InnovAnt 5-el mono, 40m 2-el ph array, 80/160 Axtorp Vert.
Automation: microHAM Station Master
Software: ExpertSDR2, SDC (Software Defined Connectors by UT4LW)

Thanks to you who took the time to give us points, 73!

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