SM0MDG to St Paul Island – CY9M

CY9M Logo

SM0MDG will participate in a 10 man strong expedition to St Paul Island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Canada, planned to be on the air July 2012.

St Paul Island is commonly referred to as the “Graveyard of the Gulf” which has also been the theme for the expedition logotype. The landing at St Paul Island is difficult and dependent on weather, but the team is experienced from such landings previously at the Flannans (EU-118), St. Kilda (EU-059), Market Reef (EU-053) and many other IOTA expeditions.

The team plans to deploy 4-5 stations to be active on all bands 160 to 6 meter using the call CY9M. Hexbeams will be used on high bands while verticals and receiving antennas will be service the lower bands.

For more detailed information as it become available and your opportunity to support the team, please visit

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