SE0X Claimed #1 SM in CQ160 CW

As the log submission deadline was passed on February 28th SE0X piloted by SM0MDG was the highest ranking single operator effort in SM with a total claimed score of 440.250 points. A total of 1114 contacts where made with 61 DXCC plus 14 states and provinces in 26 hours of operation.

The goal was set at breaking my own 2010 SM record of 615.219 points, but I lowered my expectations because of current propagation. The final result mirrors the rise in solar activity attenuating Topband performance in every Topband contest since 2010.

CQ160 is one of my favorite contests of the year, and logging 1000+ contacts on Topband in one single weekend is more action than my total non-contest related activity on this fantastic band. I am already looking forward to CQ160 in 2013.

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