SE0X CW Skimmer Back Online

SE0X Skimmer

Our CW skimmer is finally online again after a series of both software and hardware problems. It all started with with Windows automatically upgrading to Win 10 which lead to network problems. The WiFi link was replaced with Ubiquity equipment which seemed to cure the problem.

Then we lost almost all receive capabilities. First I suspected a late season thunder storm frying the active antenna, but when inspecting the feedline I found that the coax had been chewed off by some animal roaming the forrest midway between the receiver and antenna. Being winter I took the lazy route and repaired the coax using a cheap joint and vulcanising tape.

The above mentioned actions took care of two major problems while one still remain. Windows on the server PC occasionally freeze during its startup sequence. Not a nice behaviour, so the weekly reboot task has been disabled and a remote power switch been added to be able to reset the server brute force style.

Skimmer spots are being reported to the Reverse Beacon Network by SE0X and can been seen here.

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