Remind me again…

Why am I always working on antennas in November, right at the start of the wet and windy season!


Posted the above video on Twitter. I have to admit it doesn’t look as dramatic when seen on video, but when below the tower the beams swing back and forth like a mobile whip on the highway.

Anyway, been prepping for the topband season this week. Yes I know, a little late but better late than never. The vertical has come together and hopefully its being raised this weekend. Then matching and feeder comes next.

Also put up the N/W pennant for the season and replaced a connector on the S/E pennant. Theres always something with those RX antennas, but now they are working again. All this work done in the first snow storm of the season. Not much snow, but a lot of wind! (see the Twitter video in this post)

Listening to 160 meter this morning I got fed up with some switch noise and went on a hunt just to discover that the main PSU supplying 12 volt to the shack and charging the battery backup was responsible for the annoyance. Replaced it with another PSU but kept it in place for its charging capabilities.

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