SEØX breaks two SM CQ-160 Records!

When the final results where published for the 2011 edition of the CQ-160 CW Contest I was happy to see that SEØX had beaten the previous SM record in SOHP Assisted.

The previous record holder was SM2M operated by SM2LIY with a score of 453.128 in the 2009 CQ-160 CW contest. The final result of SE0X in 2011 was 480.998 points. Also in CQ-160 SSB did SEØX break the SM record in SOHP (non-assisted) with a final score of 177.219 points.

The top score of SE0X in any CQ-160 Contest was in the CW contest 2010 (SOHP, non-assisted) where the final score ended up at 615.219 which is another SM record.

The 2012 CQ-160 Contest is around the corner, and I am crossing my fingers for good propagation despite the increase in solar activity.

CU in the Pileups!

73 de Björn, SM0MDG


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