Hey, Got a Nice Award in CQ WW SSB!

Got a fun little award from the D4C team, I believe the first award I’ve earned for working only five contacts. Anyway, a smart little “marketing” move that will make D4C a few more points in the future. Now you wonder how you can get your D4Caward? Continue reading and I show you how.

This year I decided to do the CQ WW SSB contest from SE0X “on site”. I have only worked a few CQ WW SSB contests from my SE0X station over the years, and I really wanted to try out the updated installation at the station in a big contest.

Propagation was not optimal, K-index hovered between three to five for the full contest weekend. Not good for propagation on 59 Degrees North. Close to 2500 contact were logged, but not enough DX points to get a decent score. Most of the time I was working SO2R, hunting for multipliers on radio two and doing alternating CQ on two bands when rates got slow.

On Saturday morning I worked KL7RA on 10 meter around 9:20. Decided to stay on 10 and was busy for three hours on this fantastic band. On Sunday a lot of time was spent on the 15 meter band.

It was fun and a little faster at times, but I took nice breaks for meals and even got a little sleep the second night. At the end I didn’t reach my goals, but I had a fun contest anyway.

The setup with the FLEX-6600 worked great. Being able to do SO2R in such an easy way is the big benefit with this transceiver. Yes it can successfully be done with two physical transceivers and I have been through the hassle of the cable mess and the headache making several devices play nice together. SO2R is so much easier with the FLEX-6600.

Want your own D4C award? Look up D4C on qrz.com and enter your call to get an award!

Thanks for reading, CU in the next contest!

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