Hey, Got a Nice Award in CQ WW SSB!

Got a fun little award from the D4C team, I believe the first award I’ve earned for working only five contacts. Anyway, a smart little “marketing” move that will make D4C a few more points in the future. Now you wonder how you can get your D4Caward? Continue reading and I show you how.

DD1MAT Sets SM Record from SE0X in WPX

Congratulations Niko, DD1MAT, to the new SM record secured in CQ WPX earlier this year! Niko was determined to post the highest ever achieved score in Sweden on 80 meter. Being well prepared and operating SE0X with precision, Niko achieved this goal and the whole SE0X team congratulates him on a well executed contest effort

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Nice Surprise in the Mail

This morning a nice surprise appeared in the mail. It seems like I had the highest combined CW + SSB score in SOAB HP Unassisted in the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC). Not an official category, but very nice plack för the wall. Thanks to the sponsor SM3EVR Tord Julander!