SE0X active in SAC CW this weekend

SAC LogoSM0MDG will be active from SE0X in the SAC CW contest this weekend September 17-18 competing in the SOAB-HP category. SAC is the contest where Scandinavian stations will try to work as many non-Scandinavian stations as possible and vice versa.

The goal is set to improve the rank and score from last year and this should be within reach long as propagation plays along with the game and the operator drinks lot of Redbull and Coffee.

The SE0X station has been wired for SO2R using a K3 and a TS-590 and a 3-band Spiderbeam as the secondary high band antenna. Lets hope the F-layer is charged and ready for lots of 10/15 meter action.




  1. Björn, SM0MDG

    W6 and W7 was 59 on 15 this afternoon, it looks good so far. GL Mike!

  2. Mike, SM2WMV

    And lets hope for no aurora!

    Right now, if the sun manage to stay calm it looks like its going to be a very fun contest!

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