N1MM Macros for TS-590

Got a new Kenwood TS-590 for the contest season and wondering how to set up N1MM for use with it? No problem! Here is a link to a document that describes how to control DSP filters, clear the RIT after each QSO and play the internal DVK voice keyer messages by using macros in N1MM.




  1. N2IC

    A few comments on your N1MM macros:

    – The {CLEARRIT} macro built into N1MM Logger works fine with the TS-590. No need to use the CAT1ASC macro for this purpose.

    – The beep generated by the 590 when you clear the RIT can be removed by setting menu item 3 to OFF.

    – N1MM Logger supports the use of the TS-590 internal USB codec for sending wav files from N1MM Logger to the 590 for SSB and Digital (AFSK) contests. I have had no problems with RF getting into this USB connection with SO2R (2 x TS-590) at 1500 watts output.

    Steve, N2IC

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