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The 7SØX team had a fantastic weekend in the CQ WPX SSB contest. Our aim was to defend the #1 SM Multi-Op Single TX HP position from last year and in addition we also wanted to improve our score from 2009 to make us more competitive on a European level.

The team of four operators, F4BKV Vincent, SMØMDG Björn, SMØMLZ Patrik and SMØNOR Ulf gathered for lunch and transportation to the SEØX station at midday on Friday. At the station preparations went smooth and after a nice dinner and some catching up over a coffee we went on the air with a competitive mindset.

The first overnight part of the contest was pacing on well and Saturday we had a nice opening on 15 meter to harvest in addition to the predicted action on 20. The second overnight shift was slower than the first, but the pace picked up during Sunday with another good opening on 15. During Saturday we logged 55% of all contacts and the rate between runs and S&P was 60/40. During Sunday the runs where not as productive and around 60% of Sunday’s contacts where obtained by S&P.

On Sunday the 10 meter band opened briefly to the East. Only 16 stations worked but some nice DX including VK, HS, VU, YB, 9M2 and UA9 which is nice for a change.

CQ WPX SSB 2010 Scorecard

The final result of the weekend is a total of 1911 station logged (excluding dupes) and 959 prefixes resulting in a total (claimed) score of 4.267.550 points, a nice increase from the 2009 score.

73 de 7SØX team!

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