2 Records Broken in 2018… so far!

2018 has been a rather slow year at SE0X with limited activity due to family and work commitments. Therefor it feels great that the few efforts are paying off! The results of CQ-160 and CQ-WPX brought the excitement levels up right in time for the contest season. 

In CQ-160 CW this winter the objective was to break the Single Operator Low Power SM record. Right before the contest a winter storm almost broke the TX vertical. After a rescue effort the vertical was standing straight up again, well almost straight. Was the record broken? Read the full report here.

This year we made another attempt to beat the MULTI-OP SM record in CQ-160 SSB. SM0MDG and SM0MLZ worked the contest remote as the station was not accessible due to current weather conditions. Filters and patience was crucial to survive the QRM. But was it enough to break the record? Read the full report here.

Finally, a very nice plaque sponsored by SM3EVR for the best combined CW+SSB score in the Scandinavian Activity Contest will decorate the operating position at SE0X his weekend in the SAC CW Contest. See the plaque here.

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