8Q7BM in CQ-160 @ Raa Atoll

8Q7BM Top Loaded Vertical

8Q7BM Top Loaded Vertical

This is my 160 meter top (and bottom loaded) compromise vertical relaxing on the beach from the overnight exercises on Top Band.

Working CQ160 from the Maldives using a compromise antenna and barefoot transceiver was not easy. One would think the exotic prefix should generate some attention. The fact is that it is almost impossible to cut through contest QRM in the EU, and I wouldn’t even dram about an NA contact. Plus the complicated call (on CW)  confuses the few operators able to hear my tiny signal.

Kudos to the few who heard and logged me! Tonight I am back for the final part of the contest. I am ready to log a few more “good ears on top band”.

The antenna is a 15 meter high vertical with three top loading spokes attached at 13 meters, the highest point possible on the weak glass fibre pole. The antenna is self resonant at 2.2 MHz and a loading coil wound on a water bottle at the bottom brings it down to 1.83 MHz. An elevated radial is deployed every evening and retracted again every morning after sunrise. The antenna is placed just short of a 1/4 wave lenght from the water line.

UPDATE January 27: I will try to be on 160 for another few days before I take down the top band vertical. Look for me on 160 around 15:00 and 01:00 UTC.

UPDATE January 29: New photo of the antenna and text edited.

UPDATE February 3: 8Q7BM is now QRT and we are on our way back home to the winter. TU!

QSL via Tim M0URX.

73 & GL from Raa Atoll de SM0MDG/8Q7BM

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