A team with SMØMDG Björn, SMØMLZ Patrik, SMØNOR Ulf, SMØUXX Erik and SM3VFE Loic was active in WPX SSB 2009 competing in class muli-one.

Preparations involved a lot of antenna work and Friday night greeted us with a snow storm while rolling out two 100 meter long BOGs and laying out radials for the 80 and 160 meter band verticals. In addition to this, the 80 meter vertical crossed wires with the 40 meter loop resulting in a little antenna meltdown… the Acom amp make a very good welding supply.

7S0X station in WPX 2009

7S0X station in WPX 2009

On Saturday morning around 0600 zulu we we’re up and running full speed and Patrik took the first shift logging. In addition to contesting the team had gathered for a club lunch with traditional Swedish herring served as a starter, for main course we enjoyed salmon and canned “fresh” potato.

The contest activity ended around midnight on Sunday with 1.300 contacts logged and a claimed score of 1.622.191 points.

73 de Polar DXers


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