Topband Vertical 2013/2014 season

Topband Vertical @ SE0X

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The top band vertical at SE0X was put in place just in time for CQWW CW. This year the antenna is a little stronger (and longer). The bottom section is now made of a 60 millimeter aluminium tube with 3 millimeter wall thickness and I added a more robust delrin isolator.

TB vert bottom isolator @ SE0X

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The total heigh of the antenna is now around 19 meter and it is guyed in four levels, adding another set of guys to make it more robust in winter storms. I have also added some light bottom loading to make the top loading wires a little shorter and make the antenna a little easier to tune.

Future plans include to add remote switching of the loading coil to extend bandwith of the antenna. Another plan is to test if K2AV’s FCP (Folded Counterpoise) is a better solution than my raised and bent radials.

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