Svalbard Topband Activity

SvalbardSMØMDG Björn and OZ1LXJ John were active from the JW5E club station in Longyearbyen, Svalbard Januari 8-13, 2009. A total of 1.011 QSO’s were logged.

  • 1002 QSO’s 160CW
  • 7 QSO’s 160SSB
  • 2 QSO’s 80MCW

The radio used was an Elecraft K3 with a TL-922 amplifier, the TX antenna was a double inverted L and for RX we added two BOI (Beverage On Ice) and a pennant.

QSL route is via homecalls, buro or direct. If you worked us both and prefer to send direct, it is enough to send to one of us.

If you want to confirm your log status, please check our log search for this activity.

Our TNX to everyone of you who worked us, tried to work us, or just listened. A special TNX to JW5NM Mathias (RIP!) for your help and hospitality!

Below some statistics from, click on graphs for more analysis.

JW/SM0MDG Statistics

JW/SM0MDG Statistics from

JW/OZ1LXJ Statistics

JW/OZ1LXJ Statistics from

Below is the QSL confirming the  Svalbard Top Band Activity.

Svalbard Top Band Activity QSL, back side

Svalbard Top Band Activity QSL, front side

Svalbard Top Band Activity QSL Front Side

Svalbard Top Band Activity QSL, back Side

Update: All QSL requests have been replied to, if you have not received your QSL please email SM0MDG or OZ1LXJ.

73 de John JW/OZ1LXJ & Björn JW/SM0MDG

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