CQWW 160 SSB Report

Lets start with the conclusion; SSB contesting on 160 meters is fun and very challenging, but SSB and Topband is not the best combination, especially if you are in a country with only 40 kHz permitted band space.

The SSB part of the 160 meter contest was a lot slower than the CQWW 160 CW Contest a few weeks ago. I don’t believe propagation is to blame, it was rather the fact that there were fewer participants but more QRM this weekend than slowed things down.

Most of the stations logged where from EU and European Russia. Propagation was not strong enough for more than a few DX contacts, especially there is a lack of JA in my log. From NA only a few big contest stations where heard and logged resulting in only 4 state multipliers compared to the 39 logged in the CW test.

Entering in the Single Operator category I logged a total of 478 unique stations in 53 countries and 4 US states. The final result is a claimed score of 140.904 points, just a fifth of the CW result.


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