7SØX claimed score in WPX SSB

7SØX ranks #1 SM in its category, Multi-2, when log submission closed for the 2011 WPX contest last week. The final claimed score of 9,020,288 points is more than double the score of the team’s 2010 effort.

The contest posed some technical challenges to the team and with the excellent propagation on higher bands we felt that more would have been possible with a different 15/20 meter antenna configuration.

The SEØX station is currently being upgraded to better suit M2 and SO2R operation.The upgrade includes better bandpass filters, more flexible antenna switching and added antennas.

The 7S0X team consisting of F4BKV, SMØMDG, SMØMLZ and SMØNOR thanks everyone in the log and congratulates SM2WMV to a very impressive SO-HP effort placing SJ2W #1 in SM overall.


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