10m open in IARU Contest

SEØX was active in the IARU Contest this past weekend operated by SMØMDG Björn in the Single Operator SSB High Power category.

Most contacts where made on 20 meter but 15 and 10 where also open and 10 meter provided the second most number of contacts of all bands in the contest. No transmit antenna where available for 160 meters and only one RX antenna reamins up in summer, so most of the effort where made on higher bands in daylight with a 5.5 hour break overnight.

Propagation was decent on 20 meters with DX from AS, SA and NA coming in strong. Also on 40 some DX from SA and NA appeared together with UA9 stations. On 15 meters there where some sporadic DX from SA and AF and on 10 meter it was a strong Es opening on Sunday morning providing for a good QSO rate mostly from EU.

A total of 945 stations, 110 sections and 67 zones where logged excluding dupes. The end result after 16 hours and 45 minutes of operating was a claimed score of 547.155 points.

Equipment used in the IARU contest was a K3, 1 KW power, 3 element SteppIR, wire antennas for low bands and N1MM contest logger.

73 de Björn, SMØMDG

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