SO2R/M2 Upgrade @ SEØX

The hardware at SEØX has now been upgraded and reconfigured to allow for SO2R (Single Operator 2 Radios) and Multi-2 operation.

The main antenna switch has been replaced by Array Solution’s Sixpak antenna switch with two radio inputs and six antenna outputs, two 5B4AGN high performance band pass filters has been installed and finally a microHAM u2R has been added to control switching of microphone and headphone audio between the two stations. A Spiderbeam 3-band yagi antenna has been assembled and put up temporarily to be used as the second high band antenna as the SteppIR wont allow for instant band changes.

The station is now ready for SO2R and the work has been finished in time for the CQ WPX CW contest the upcoming weekend.


  1. Mike, SM2WMV

    Nice, I just found this blog. Haven’t seen it before so now I have a lot of reading to do. Keep up the good work and cu in the contests ahead!

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