Getting Ready for IARU HF Championship

Rewiring SE0X

Rewiring the station for IARU HF Championship. This year I am going to enter the Single Operator Unlimited CW High Power category with the goal so set a decent record.  The station will be using only SDR, Software Defined Radio equipment, and at this moment preparation is in full force.

The station will be using one SunSDR2 PRO transceiver as Radio 1 and one ColibriNANO SDR direct sampling receiver as Radio 2 in SO2R configuration. As Radio 2 is only RX N1MM’s swap functionality will be used a lot.

SDC, Software Defined Connectors will be used to skim both radio’s sampled passbands and combined these spots with SE0X skimmer spots and cluster spots from other sources.

A fully automatic SPE amplifier will provide the High Power output and 5B4AGN band pass filters will keep RX for the listening radio clean.

CU in the IARU HF Championship this weekend, GL!

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