8Q7BM Photos

Spending two weeks in the Maldives in January was an unforgettable experience. Not only because of the blue ocean, white sand and warm sun. 160 meter contesting and DX’ing barefoot with a compromise antenna posed a challenge very different from the usual big signal-work-them-all experience from home.

Below are a few photos from 8Q7BM.

8Q7BM Pose

SM0MDG posing in front of the 8Q7BM Topband vertical.

8Q7BM Pelicase

8Q7BM Pelicase used to transport the radio and accessories.

8Q7BM Topband Vertical

8Q7BM Topband Top Loaded Vertical 1/4 wave from the indian ocean.

8Q7BM TB Loading

8Q7BM loading coil for the Topband vertical.

8Q7BM Antennas

8Q7BM Antennas, in the foreground the Topband vertical and in the background the 10 meter loop.

8Q7BM Shack

8Q7BM Shack with the barefoot Kenwood TS-590S

Land Survey Mark

Land Survey Marker at Meedhupparu Island.

8Q7BM Transport

The transport bringing us from Male to Meedhupparu Island (and back).

See also 8Q7BM in CQ-160 @ Raa Atoll.

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