40m vertical array installed at SEØX

A two element 40 meter vertical array has been installed at SEØX this weekend. The array is built using fibre glass poles and the two verticals are facing North America with the intention to improve DX scores in contests. The Comtek PVS 40 phasing system is used which allows for endfire patterns in NW or SE and a broadside pattern in SW/NE.

40 meter phased array at SEØX, Comtek phasing unit covered by a bucket. S/E vertical with the tower in the distant. N/W vertical only 10 meters from the sea.

With 40-60 radials the system should produce around 3dB gain in endfire directions with a front to back ratio of around 20 dB, thats over average ground. Being close to the sea I have no intention of using more than sixteen radials, but already with eight radials the antenna system performs about 1 S-unit better than the old 40 meter wire vertical and has a good f/b ratio. The radial system will be improved to 16 radials per vertical.

I am looking forward to see how this antenna will perform in the CQWW CW contest this upcoming weekend. Hopefully it will improve the 40 meter scores from last year.

73 de Björn, SM0MDG!


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