144 MHz Added @ SE0X

With the rise of FT8 I was getting curious to explore VHF propagation. Last summer I installed a 144 MHz transverter from HA1YA and a Big Wheel omni directional horizontal antenna. It turned out pretty well, but why stop at dipping your feet. What did I do next to improve performance on 144 MHz? 🙂

This summer I upped the game by installing a G0KSC optimised 9-element LFA Yagi from Innovantennas and a low noise RX preamp in the tower. The Yagi was placed 1 meter above the SteppIR around 11 meters above ground. A 500 watt power amplifier was also added to catapult the signals into the troposphere.

The station is now more capable and the plan is to participate in 144 MHz contests and to be active on FT8 to explore and learn more about VHF propagation.

I also got a change to test Meter Scatter during the Persides meteor shower and wow, that was fun! I will have to play some more in the upcoming meteor showers.

See you also on 144 MHz!

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