SEØX SteppIR back in the air

Finally the SEØX 3 element SteppIR is back in service after repair following the failure this winter. This picture was taken after the first test QSO receiving excellent reports from Kevin, NL7Z.

SteppIR tower with 10 meter mono on top.

SteppIR tower with 10 meter mono band yagi on top.

In February SEØX lost it’s 3-element SteppIR antenna. During rapid temperature change from above to below zero the antenna tape froze inside the fibreglass pole tube and got stuck resulting in a real mess inside the EHU, Element Housing Unit.

Mess inside EHU

Mess inside the driver EHU

Both reels of the driven element needed replacement, a fairly simple task but it took three months as we had to wait for spring to bring the tower down on the ground. The lesson learned is to always retract the elements when the antenna is not being used to avoid element tapes getting stuck in the poles due to freezing.

When the 10 meter mono bander came down on the ground as well, we took the opportunity to replace all the elements to make it last another few winter storms. The wind has a nasty habit of chopping the elements in half, especially if element clamps are over tightened.

Now SEØX is ready to put an excellent signal on 10, 15 and 20 meter in the next contest.

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