CQ WW CW was a blast!

The propagation outlook for CQ WW CW was really promising with the recent improvement of solar acitivity, and the sun provided for a lot of action on higher bands while the aurora stayed calm enough to allow for low bands to perform. SMØMDG was operating with the SEØX in Single Operator, High Power category in

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Preparing for DXØDX Spratly Expedition

I am now getting ready for my participation in the DXØDX Spratly expedition January 6-24 2011 where a team of more than 30 operators will be deployed to erect and operate 12 stations from Thitu Island (Pag-Asa in Filipino). The planning for this Expedition has been underway for more than a year and team leader Chris

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MSØINT from EU-118 this weekend.

In a Pan-European project, SMØMDG Bjørn, EA3NT Christian, EA2TA George, F4BKV Vincent , IZ7ATN Simon and leader MMØNDX Col will be active from the remote North Atlantic island group of the Flannans 20 miles north west of the Outer Hebrides. Activated in 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2002, the mysterious Flannan Isles are certainly a much needed but extremely difficult to access IOTA. Full

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  Today a box with 2000 of the new QSL cards arrived at the doorstep. This card will be used to confirm contacts for SM0MDG, SE0X and 7S0X. Pse direct your QSL requests via buro or direct to SM0MDG, information in QRZ.com is up to date. 73 de Björn Tweet